5 Ways to Have Peaceful, Loving Relationships

Do you have lover’s quarrels in your relation? Well, that is an important part undoubtedly but sometimes your quarrels may be a bit more mundane. But the issue is not the difference or quarrels we have in our relation but the way we handle these differences. Sometimes we get tired of all these relations and wish to end them because we find no more reasons to stay together. So, we might be finding some ways to maintain a healthy and peaceful relation. Not an expert but let me tell you some ideas to maintain your relation.

5 Ways to Have Peaceful, Loving Relationships

Key to Peaceful Relationship
Key to Peaceful Relationship

1. Confront compassionately,Express Tactfully

A complete interaction is one of the most important life skills for any relationship. When you are into an argument each of you try to prove yourself and end up in a loud conversation. It’s rarely that black and white. It’s difficult you both meet in the middle of the discussion.

Confront Compassionately
Confront Compassionately

If you approach someone with compassion and speak candidly showing them that you actually understand, things go well. Always be open to your partner to express what you feel of the situation and express your feelings to him. let him know you. Don’t hesitate.

2. Spare Yourself Some Time

Don’t always stick around your partner. Let both of you give some time to yourselves to know what you actually want from your life. Spare some time for your day to day activities to keep your mind fresh. Sticking all the way around your partner leaves you with no other thoughts and no more things to talk about.  It helps you maintain interest into each other.

3. Anger Management

Everyone has an aggressive side but confronting it to the wrong person, wrong time may worsen the situation. One has to cut his/her anger to save their relations. Try to understand the situation and emotion of the other before reacting down. Take few deep breaths and try to cut the conversation down.

Anger Management
Anger Management

4. Lower Down the Ego

Cut the threads of Ego. Ego needs to be put aside when being into relation. One can destroy their relation to just small issues like I will not call, not text story of all the relations. That’s Ego puts a full stop to your relation. Be willing to do the right thing for your relationship, instead of propping up your ego.

Cut Ego Down
Cut Ego Down

5. Be Quick to Apologize and Let Go

Forgiveness builds peace. If you think things are not going their way. Be the first to sort your relation out. Forgive and let go is a cool mantra to give your relation a better path. Always remember a person is more important than your argument. If you Blew things, simple I’m sorry may bring the story to right track. So never let your pride and ego get in the way.

Apologize and Let Go
Apologise and Let Go

These were the simple cool mantras for your peaceful and soothing healthy relation. Always remember trust and honesty are the foundations of a happy relationship and good communication is the glue that holds everything together.

Samajh Nahi Aa Rha, Main Kya Karu

Hello Shivshi, yaar meri Love story badi hi complicated hai, samajh hi nhi aata ab ho kya rha hai. Actually maine aapke bhut post padhe hai toh mujhe lga me aapke saath agar apni story share karungi toh pakka mujhe koi na koi solution to mil hi jayega. That’s why I’m texting you my story..

Yaar ek saal ho gya, baat april 2015 ki hai. Ek ladka tha Main uska name bhi aapko bta deti hu, Anuj. Vo meri massi ka relative hai. Humne ek saal pehle ghar shift kiya tha toh meri Mausi humare yhan aayi thi toh vo unko lene aaya. Main uttrakhand se belong karti hu aur vo bhi, usko Main pehli nazar me hi pasand aa gyi thi aur mujhe bhi vo pasand aa gya tha.

Fir ek baar Main Mausi ke ghar gyi thi holidays me, tab Main uski family aur usse bhi mili, vo time mere liye sabse best tha. Ek din aise hi humara no. exchange ho gya aur humari WhatsApp par baat hone lagi. Vo bhi mujhe pasand karta tha aur pyar bhi karne laga tha. Usne mujhe apne past se related sab kuch btaya, 5 months tak hum bhut khush the aur ache se baat bhi karte the.

Fir baad me pta nhi mujhe kya hua yaar, Main pyar karti thi usse per fir bhi pata nhi kyu mera interest usse khatam hone laga. Vo meri wait karta tha ki main baat karu usse aur mai hi natak karti rehti thi. Fir ek din usne mujhe gusse me msg kiya – `Ab lagta hai hum saath nhi reh sakte, isse acha hai alag hi ho jaate hai.` Usne aisa kha to mujhe us time kuch khaas feel nhi hua aur us tym mene bhi usko kha – `OK`.

Ab mera pyar mujhse baat nahi karta Main Kya karu

Fir 2 mahine humari bilkul bhi baat nhi huyi. Uske baad maine hi usko ek din msg kiya, par usne dhang se baat nhi ki, unknown person ki tarah baat karne laga vo pahle waali baat hi nhi thi. Yaar ab tak bhi aisi hi baat hoti hai humari.

Samajh nhi aata Main kya karu! mujhe lagta hai usko mujhse bas attraction hi tha kyunki mere B’day January me vo achanak meri massi ke sath aaya vo din mere liye sabse bada din tha yaar. Us din humne baat ki toh vo mujhe bolta – Jab tum samne hoti ho toh main feelings ko control nhi kar pata hu, sach me lagta hai ki humare beech me kuch to hai.

Toh mene usko kha – `Relationshp me fir se aa jao` toh usne bola – `Main ready feel nhi karta ab kisi bhi relation me aane ko.` Uski is baat ne mera dil tod diya 🙁

Ab baat ye hai ki jaise vo reh rha hai Maine bhi socha me bhi aise hi rahu. Main bhi ab usko msg nhi karti. But is saturday ko uski sister ki shaadi hai aur uski mom khud humare ghar card dene aayi, aur uski family aur meri family ab kaafi mil jul gyi hai.

Yaar main kya karu? Mumny papa sab force kar rahe hai waha jaane ko aur mera bilkul bhi mann nhi hai. Jisse pyar karti hu vo hi ab mera nhi, mann hi nhi kar rha wha jaane ka. Uski mummy mujhe bhut acha manti hai, uski mummy hi nhi balki uski puri family. Ab mujhe samajh nhi aa raha jau ya nhi.

Yaar is baar mera result bhi kharab ho gya aur ye baat maine usko btaya toh usne mujhe danta aur kha – `Aur ghumo, padhyi pe dhayan nhi hai ye vo`. Us din se aaj pura ek mahina ho gya uska koi msg koi call nhi aaya.

Yaar main kya karu kuch samajh nhi aa rha 🙁 Jaau ya naa jau aur Jaau bhi toh kaise jau wha.

Aur uski ek baat.. usko apni ex-Gf se bhi nafart thi kyunki usne uske saath misbehave kiya tha, jiski vajah se unka break up hua tha. Lekin vo hamesha uske bare me bolta tha, vo bhi loyal thi. Aur vo bolta tha pta nhi uske dil me ex ke liye ek soft sa corner hai jisse vo kuch bhi kare dil kabhi bhi usko galat nhi smjhta. Pls help.

Suno.. Tum Mujhe Tang Na Kiya Karo ♥


तुम मुझे ऐसे तंग ना किया करो…!!!
क्योंकि जब तुम नही होते हो तो,
मैं बहुत तंग हो जाती हूँ ♥

Suno Tum Mujhe Aise Tang Na Kiya Karo Shayari - Shivshi

Tum mujhe aise tang naa kiya karo…!!!
Kyunki jab tum nahi hote ho to,
Main bahut Tang ho jaati hoon ♥

Free Motivational Instagram Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Motivation, a set of facts and arguments used in support of a proposal. It is actually the desire to do things.Motivation results from the interaction of both conscious and unconscious factors such as the (1) intensity of desire or need, (2) incentive or reward value of the goal, and (3) expectations of the individual and of his or her peers. Motivation sometimes become necessary in case one has lost its self-confidence. Motivation may be for a person in field, any age. A child for its study, at young age for right path, then job, then to tackle any kind of difficulty in one’s way. And today most of the people spend a lot of time on social networking sites, of which one is instagram. So why not this as a medium to motivate people, through some words, some images.

Motivational Instagram Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Motivational Instagram Quotes for Entrepreneurs
Motivational Instagram Quotes for Entrepreneurs
Fitness Motivational Quotes Instagram
True Success Lies Within,  “All of the incredible business successes that have ever existed first existed in the minds of those who created them.”
Motivational Quotes Instagram Accounts
“If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.” –Anonymous
Positive and Motivational Quotes Instagram
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” –Thomas A. Edison
Motivational Quotes for Instagram Bio
“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.” –Anonymous
Quotes for Instagram Profile
“The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbours.” –Napoleon Hill

So, motivation is a part of one and all. Why not be motivated if we have such an interesting methods to do so. All in all, life brings so many things for us in packages and why not be motivated from real life experience. Same goes for working class and for entrepreneurs, who invest so much of their time and many. They need not lose hope but learn from life experience.

Best Instagram Quotes about Life & Relationships

Instagram, an online social networking service that allows its users to take pictures and videos, and share them publicly or privately. Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and launched in October 2010 as free mobile app. Instagram is distributed through Apple app store, Google play store, and Windows phone store.Today all the Instagram users look forward to the new images and quotes to be posted. You might also be looking for the best Instagram quotes. So today let’s share some best Instagram quotes about life and relationship.

Instagram Quotes About  Life and Relationship

Instagram Quotes About  Life and Relationship
Instagram Quotes About Life and Relationship

Instagram Quotes about Life

Instagram Quotes about Life
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss
Instagram Quotes About  Being Real
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” -Mae West
Instagram Quotes About love
“The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy”.-Dalai Lama
Instagram Quotes About Friends
“We do not remember days, we remember moments”.-Cesare Pavese

Instagram Quotes About Being Hurt
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”- Albert Einstein

Instagram Quotes About Relationship

Instagram Quotes About Beauty
“Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.” — Andre Breton
Instagram Quotes About Jealousy
“When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.” ― Jess C. Scott, The Intern
Instagram Quotes About Loyalty
“A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other…Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever” ― Dave Matthews Band
Instagram Quotes About Haters
“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” ― Candace Bushnell
Instagram Quotes About Cheating
“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ― Robert Frost
Instagram Quotes About Real Women
“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince and Other Stories

So, these are best Instagram quotes you can choose to post into your Instagram quotes and we will be see you soon with our next love and relationship topic. till then take care, ilu from shivshi. Biee.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girls

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girls – Valentines day, a day to celebrate your love and joy of your heart with your loved ones.Romeo Juliet, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Beauty and the Beast…Loved their Stories?Wanna Create your Own? Here comes a chance to build your story of romance and love. A story, a special gift for your beautiful half, this valentine.

So waiting for more ideas that actually surprise her?

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girls

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girls

1. A Day full of Surprises for Her

What? Coffee, Flower, Keychain, Ring, Dinner, anything you gift her she will actually be happy and impressed. Because what she actually wants is your precious time.So why not make her whole day so special with all these gifts and what’s more interesting is it won’t even cut your pocket so much. So let’s have a look?

A Day full of Surprises for Her
A Day full of Surprises for Her

2. A beautiful Start to the day

So let you be the guy she wanted always. Let’s give her rest full day and enjoy the beautiful morning with a warmth of your Hug and a special mug of coffee from you. How would that be? Let’s give it a try…anything to impress her today, right?

Aww..she actually loved it. Had a good Start? So now thinking what’s next?

A beautiful Start to the dayA beautiful Start to the day
A beautiful Start to the day

  3. A Fresh Morning with Fresh Flowers

Actually feeling Fresh .

A Fresh Morning with Fresh Flowers
A Fresh Morning with Fresh Flowers

Now how would it sound if she does some hard work for achieving her next gift. Shocked? Yes, she would also be. Now comes her valentine puzzle.She did it..Now she is all ready for her next surprise.

  4.  A Crazy Surprise for Her Wardrobe and Her Mood

Your better half’s pretty mood swings,right? Now what  about a beautiful dress and taking her for   movie or long drive or some of your favourite place for outing.    

Is she surprised? Had a crazy laughter after all this. Now this is the most precious gift she was waiting for, Your time.Now give some time to yourselves. Open up your heart upfront her. Share your secrets, your laughter, your worries, all you had in your mind from long time ago, she would love hearing to that.Now get her prepared for her next gift. So thinking what’s next?

A Crazy Surprise for Her Wardrobe and Her Mood
A Crazy Surprise for Her Wardrobe and Her Mood

5. A Special Dinner Date

Before we proceed let’s fill up her tummy with a yummy stuff, she loves..panipuri, some Indian food, Chinese, Italian or something of her choice.

A Special Dinner Date
A Special Dinner Date

She’s done with all her favourite stuff?

6. A Beautiful and Sound End of the Day

So give her a place for a sound and healthy sleep but before she steps into her bed, Let you gift her with a story you had in your book at the start and some hidden secret letters.This completes her day felicitously.

A Beautiful and Sound End of the Day
A Beautiful and Sound End of the Day

Tired? Undoubtedly…! But she won’t be.. She’s actually Super excited. Don’t worry she still have something for you in her store. To actually surprise you and thank you for all the stuff of the day. So all in all this brings a beautiful and successful end to your day and your plans. Don’t forget to share your experience with Shivshi.            

How to Propose a Girl on Propose Day

Tough job, impressing a girl, Right? Every girl has a dream guy or choice of her dream guy or the wish list for him. And infact besides that she wish to be proposed in a completely different manner that makes her complete in herself and special for someone. When a guy actually proposes her in the manner she dreams of, she feels herself at the seventh heaven. But what actually is how to propose a girl, how to do that in complete her way when you actually know that’s a tough job, which will give the way to your feelings and destination to your relation. Here I am to give some romantic and best ideas to propose a girl,and an assurance for yes. Try them out and win the heart of a girl.

Propose a Girl on Valentines Day

Propose a Girl on Valentines Day
Propose a Girl on Valentines Day

1. Bend on Knees

Do you think it works? Some might be in doubt, as it is a traditional and age old method to propose a girl, might be girl is not impressed. But actually it’s not, it completely works. A girl Still like being proposed by a guy on his knees and specially when it comes all her way surprisingly. Propose the girl with a ring or flowers with your knees bend.

Bend on Knees
Bend on Knees

2. Treasure Hunt

Are you and your to be valentine fond of games. Lets then propose her with a game and bring some surprise and excitement to your proposal. Hide some surprises for her, give her some love notes and give her some hint into that note to reach to the next one, and finally ask her to reach to a destination where you actually have some surprise waiting for her.

Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt

3. Plan a Date

Look for a beautiful place that she would love visiting or a place that actually surprises her. Plan a romantic date and have a candle dinner with her and then propose her in a romantic way and she surely falls for you.

Plan a Date
Plan a Date

4. Radio Proposal

A girl is always keen of bold boys who always have the guts to propose her publicly or express her feelings in front of everyone. This may be radio proposal. If you know your girl is keen of hearing radio at some particular time, and you know what she is tuning at. Ask you RJ to play a romantic song for you together and then give her a call mid between, she could never say ‘ No’. But let this happen in a sweet and romantic manner that impresses her.

Radio Proposal
Radio Proposal

5. Proposal Through a Banner

Afraid of rejection? Fear of expressing your feelings directly? Propose her through her banner.Write ‘I LOVE YOU’ on the banner and display it outside her house or her workplace or use a flying a banner.  And remember never use her actual name publicly but a name you love to call her.

Proposal Through a Banner
Proposal Through a Banner

So, how do you like our secrets of proposing a girl, impressive? Hope your girl is actually impressed of all this. And you actually achieved success proposing your girl with her positive response.

Anjaan Ladki Se Dosti Kaise Kare

Ladki Anjaan hai, par kaam asaan nahi hai. Kaise karein aur kya karein. Ladki se baat karna kisi ke liye bhi asaan kam nahi hai especially jab ladki attitude wali ho tab to cheeze aur bhi muskil ho jaati hai. But koi baat nahi wo bhi kab tak attitude dikhayegi. Ab aap Shivshi ke friend ban chuke ho aur kisi ladki ki kya majal ki Shivshi ke friend ki dosti se bach jaaye. Oops… thoda jyada ho gya 😛 Actually Shivshi ke Love Tips hai hi aise ki kisi bhi ladki ka attitude jyada der tak tik nahi payega. To aap janna chahte hai ki – Anjaan Ladki Se Dosti Kaise Kare? Toh chalo aaj main aapko sikha hi deti hu ki kaise aap apni pasand ki kisi bhi ladki se friendship kar sakte hai.

Log usually kisi ladki ko dekh kar kuch na kuch comment to pass karte hi hai, vo comment kuch aise hote hai – “Bandi kitni sahi hai yaar!”, “Gaint”, “Tota”, “Cute Hai”, “Aisi bandi honi chahiye yaar.” Ye hai normal comments jo hum ek ladki ko dekh ke bolte hai, but koi ladki hai jo aapke liye in sab comments se upar hai, but ab use approach kaise karein ye samajh nhi aa raha. Upar se problem ye bhi hai ki, Na toh aap use jante hai aur na hi uska naam pata aapko maloom hai. Bas aapko kuch pata hai toh uske aane jaane ka rasta ya vo jagah jaha aapne use dekha.

Anjan Ladki Se Baat Shuru Kaise Kare aur Friendship Karne Ke Liye Kya kare

Anjaan Ladki Se Dosti Kaise Kare

Ab jab ki baat dil par aa hi chuki hai to ek genuine try to banta hi hai Boss. Vaise bhi ladki se baat aur dosti karne me jo maja hai vo dur-dur se dekhne me aur faltu ke comment karne me kaha. To chalo shuru karte hai aaj ki class jiska focus hoga – Ek Anjan ladki se baat kaise kare aur friends kaise bane.

  1. Pehle Uske Bare Me Kuch Jaan Lein

Kisi anjaan ladki se dosti karne se pahle agar aap uske baare me kuch jaan le toh bahut acha hoga aur jan-ne ka matlab yeh nahi ki usi se jaa kar uska Bio-Data puchne lag jaana balki aap khud apne sources se uske bare me jitna pata kar sakte hai vo pata karna. Ladki kaise hai attitude wali hai, Sweet hai, Kisi se baat karne me interested hai ya nahi. Uske bare me ye sab janna aapka first step hai.

Agar wo kisi se baat nahi bhi karna chahte toh aap ek try zaroor de sakte hai but yeh nahi ki usko paglon ki tarah all time follow karte rahe, isse ladki par aapka negative impression bhi pad sakta hai, which is obviously not good.

2. Use Dekhe Aur Itne Cheez Use Show Kare

Kabhi kabhi khud ki taraf attention dilwana zaroori ho jata hai aur aise case me ladki ko btana bahut zaroori hota hai. Agar aap us ladki ko roz dekhte ho aur especially jahan se wo jaati hai aap wahi usko dekhne ka wait karte ho toh yeh cheez ladki ko notice karwana bahut zaroori hai. Agar aap use dekhte hai toh yeh use show bhi hone de but Yes, dekhne me aur stare karne me (ghoorne me) bahut difference hai, isliye use pyar se dekhna hai ghoorna nahi hai is baat ka khyal rakhna behad jaruri hai.

Ek aur cheez ka dhyan rakhen, jab aap ladki ko dekhne jaate hai toh ya toh apne friends ko sath mat leke jaye, agar wo aapke saath jaate bhi hai toh unhe koi comments pass mat karne de, especially cheap comments. Yeah ek negative impression hai aur ladki isse bahut uncomfortable feel karti hai.

3. Smile Pass Karein

Jab wo roz aapke samne se jaati hai aur uske is cheez ka notice bhi ho gaya hai ki aap use dekhte hai toh ab baari hai aage badhne ki. Use smile pass karein, just a simple and sweet smile, kuch aur nahi.

Ek din wo reply nahi karegi, do din, teen din ab kisi din toh karegi. Aur jab use pata chal gaya ki aap special uske liye hi us jagah par wait karte ho phir toh pakka karegi. Be positive.

4. Baat Shuru Karein

Ab agar wo aapko smile bhi de chuke hai toh ab baari aati hai alsi cheez ki jo hai – Usse baat karna. Haan baat karne se pehle dhyan rakhen ki wo uska known area na ho, known area matlab uska family ya koi relative ya koi aise place jaha wo rahti ho, agar vo baat karne se mana karti hai to us time jyada jabardasti na karein varna wo phir kabhi baat nahi karegi.

Usse baat start karte waqt khud ko pehle introduce karein (smile ke saath), uska naam bhi puche in case wo nahi btate to force na kare. Use btaye ki aap use dekhne roz aate hai aur aap finally use baat karne aaye hai. Agar wo ignore karti hai, toh us waqt wapis aa jaaye aur agle din fir try karein. Kyunki achi ladki ek baar mein muskil hi kisi se baat karegi.

5. Compliment Pass Karein

Ab jab ladki maan hi gayi hai, baat bhi karne lagi hai ya agar baat nahi bhi ki hai toh ek kaam karein, use compliment paas karein. Ladkiyon ko praise bahut achi lagti hai. Use compliment karte rahi aur apni friendship ko badhate rahein.

6. Contact Number Mange

Agar aapko lagta hai ladki actually aapse baat karke khush hai aur aapki baat ka acche se reply bhi kar rahi hai. Agar aapke friendship actually me sahi track par jaa rahi hai toh aap use number bhi mang sakte hai, but haan use number dene ke liye force na karein, agar wo abhi comfortable nahi hai toh wo baat vhi chod ke topic change karein.

Kuch time lagega jarur par ladki agar thodi bhi interested huyi aur agar vo pahle se hi kisi ke saath committed nhi hai to vo jarur positive signal degi aur aapke efforts ka aapko reward jarur milega.

In sab tips se aapki pasand ki ladki aapse jarur pategi aur fir aapko kisi se nhi puchna padega ki – Ladki Kaise Pataye ya ladki Patane Ke tarike kya hai, kyunki koi bhi aapko inse ache tips de paaye ye hone ke chances bhut hi kam hai. Ab kya, bas apni friendship ko ache se nibhaye aur khush rahe. Aur haan, Shivshi ke saath apna experience zaroor share karna, varna maar padegi bhut aur Main Aunty ko sab kuch bta dungi, fir lete rehna pyar ke maje 😛 .

Jokes apart! Agar abhi bhi koi isse related koi bhi problem aati hai toh aap humse comments ke through share kar sakte hai, Aapki Shivshi aapki Love problem ko solve karne ke liye hamesha ready hai. Khush raho aur sabko khush rakhne ki kosih karo, Bye bye 🙂