Do you have lover’s quarrels in your relation? Well, that is an important part undoubtedly but sometimes your quarrels may be a bit more mundane. But the issue is not the difference or quarrels we have in our relation but the way we handle these differences. Sometimes we get tired of all these relations and wish to end them because we find no more reasons to stay together. So, we might be finding some ways to maintain a healthy and peaceful relation. Not an expert but let me tell you some ideas to maintain your relation.

5 Ways to Have Peaceful, Loving Relationships

Key to Peaceful Relationship
Key to Peaceful Relationship

1. Confront compassionately,Express Tactfully

A complete interaction is one of the most important life skills for any relationship. When you are into an argument each of you try to prove yourself and end up in a loud conversation. It’s rarely that black and white. It’s difficult you both meet in the middle of the discussion.

Confront Compassionately
Confront Compassionately

If you approach someone with compassion and speak candidly showing them that you actually understand, things go well. Always be open to your partner to express what you feel of the situation and express your feelings to him. let him know you. Don’t hesitate.

2. Spare Yourself Some Time

Don’t always stick around your partner. Let both of you give some time to yourselves to know what you actually want from your life. Spare some time for your day to day activities to keep your mind fresh. Sticking all the way around your partner leaves you with no other thoughts and no more things to talk about.  It helps you maintain interest into each other.

3. Anger Management

Everyone has an aggressive side but confronting it to the wrong person, wrong time may worsen the situation. One has to cut his/her anger to save their relations. Try to understand the situation and emotion of the other before reacting down. Take few deep breaths and try to cut the conversation down.

Anger Management
Anger Management

4. Lower Down the Ego

Cut the threads of Ego. Ego needs to be put aside when being into relation. One can destroy their relation to just small issues like I will not call, not text story of all the relations. That’s Ego puts a full stop to your relation. Be willing to do the right thing for your relationship, instead of propping up your ego.

Cut Ego Down
Cut Ego Down

5. Be Quick to Apologize and Let Go

Forgiveness builds peace. If you think things are not going their way. Be the first to sort your relation out. Forgive and let go is a cool mantra to give your relation a better path. Always remember a person is more important than your argument. If you Blew things, simple I’m sorry may bring the story to right track. So never let your pride and ego get in the way.

Apologize and Let Go
Apologise and Let Go

These were the simple cool mantras for your peaceful and soothing healthy relation. Always remember trust and honesty are the foundations of a happy relationship and good communication is the glue that holds everything together.

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  1. Hello frnd mai ek ladki se pyaar krta hu ek baar maine use propose kiya tha but wo na bolti hai phir mai uske frnd ye sab baat share kiya uske frnd ke thrue pata kiya to phir na bolti hai mujhe pyar wo nahi karti hai ye baat to clear hai but problem ye h ki wo ladki mujhe aaj bhi kabhi bhi wo mujhe dur se ek baar nahi bahut baar baar hi mudke kyo dekhti hai yaaro bahut baar hogaya jab uske paas jata to dar ya phir ghabra jati hai ab to wo aaj kal ghar se hi nikalti nahi h pehle jaisa yaaro lekin jab bhi mudke dehti hai to 4 se 5 bar mudke dekhti hi hai ye kya hai mai kya karu mujhe kuch tips dijiye

  2. Hi shivshi.. Me jay from ahmedabad… Me aek ladkiko 20 din phle hi mila…. Uske job krne ke mamlemwmila tha… Usko job ki jarolrat thi to us bahane mujhe mere dost through mili thi… Ham daily phone pe or whatsapp pe chat krte he…. Kai baar wo mujhe call krti he… Hm dono 1-2 bar bahar akele thode distance me ghumne gye the!.. Or wo bhi kai baar bahar jaane ka or picnic krne ka plane banati rahti he… Sirf ham dono ka hi plane…. Pr wo mujhe apna frnd hi manti he… Me usse love krne lga hu … Ku6 aesa batao ki wo mujhe propose kre…… Plz help me

    1. zaruri nahi hai jisko aap pasand karte hai wahi aapko propose kare agar aap unko pasand karte hai toh aap bhi unko propose kar sakte hai.

      1. bf serious nhi hona chahta but care krta hai pyr bhi krta hai ex gf k shadi ho gyi but abhi b relation m hai what should i do